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Synchronous condenser packages: Solving the challenges of renewable energy integration

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ABB is already a leading expert in supporting Australia's clean energy transformation. Learn about all the important benefits of synchronous condensers and what's required in a packaged solution.

A synchronous condenser is a device that supports network voltage by providing reactive power compensation and additional short circuit power capacity.

Fundamentally, a synchronous condenser is a synchronous generator operating without a prime mover. Generation or consumption of reactive power is achieved by regulating the excitation current.

An important benefit of a synchronous condenser is that it contributes to the overall short circuit capacity in the network node where it is installed. This, in turn, improves the chances that equipment connected to the network will be able to “ride through” network fault conditions.

A synchronous condenser is also well-suited to operating during overload duty for shorter or longer periods of time. Synchronous condensers can support the power system voltage during prolonged voltage sags by increasing the network inertia. They can therefore be utilized as VAR compensating devices in situations where voltage instability must be prevented at all cost.

In this Product Note, we'll address:

- Operating principles
- Modular synchronous condenser solutions
- Components of the package
- Control and protection
- Cooling options
- Fly wheel and spare parts
- ABB's global network of support for modelling, installation and commissioning

Learn how you can improve network performance while lowering environmental impact with 100% renewable energy, today.

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