ABB Electrification Startup Challenge 2023

Smart Power

Presented by Piero Giorgio Schiannini
Regional Marketing & Sales Manager,
ABB Electrification, Smart Power & Smart Building divisions

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Winner award: collaboration project worth 30,000 USD

Smart DC Metering & Monitoring

Enhance sustainability in Direct Current (DC) installations with a smart power metering solution for data acquisition and monitoring.

The Direct Current (DC) as the way for the transmission and distribution of electricity is increasing, pushed by the spread of renewable energies, microgrids, and EV charging infrastructures that dramatically improve their efficiency if fed by DC power.

To unlock DC power opportunities for improved sustainability and energy efficiency, we need to provide the world with innovative and reliable DC metering and monitoring systems.


The Challenge

Designing a DC power metering and monitoring system for electrical quantities acquisition in DC installations to enable energy management. The proposed solution collects and stores data locally and sends it to the ABB Ability™ Energy Manager Cloud platform for power monitoring and energy management.

Help us overcome this challenge by achieving the followings:

Increased accuracy

Increase DC sensors’ accuracy to ensure accurate and reliable DC energy metering, which could be challenging due to the limitations of DC data acquisition technology.

Improved energy efficiency

Deliver a DC power metering solution that is energy efficient. Therefore, voltage sensors have to be chosen based on the power supply and voltage drop needed, to reduce energy usage.

Reliability with higher range harmonics distortion

In DC distribution installations, harmonics distortion can reach high frequencies up to 5-20kHz. Develop a DC power metering solution to protect against high-range harmonics distortion.


The Solution we ask you to find is


  • Suitable for main application areas: Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Solar Plants for both Commercial & Industrial and Utility-scale applications, and electrical distribution on board ships. The proposed solution shall also consider greenfield and brownfield types of projects.
  • Compliant with voltages up to 1500Vdc and currents up to 4000 A.
  • Compliant with breakers' main native communication protocols.

The Startup Challenge Awards
  • The winner of the challenge will be able to show and share the solution in a pilot or customer testcase.
  • The winner will have the opportunity to access lab environments we jointly use with customers, allowing ABB customers to actively experience the solution and share their feedback.
  • $30,000 for a collaboration with ABB Electrification to develop the solution.
  • 6-month free SynerLeap membership, ABB’s startup accelerator, which will boost your growth and visibility across ABB, our partners, and customers (value $10,000).
  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors.
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ABB Expert Collaboration

You will receive dedicated support from ABB during the 10 days of the challenge from the following global Smart Power division experts:

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    Enrico Ragaini

    ELSP Global R&D Senior Engineer

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    Marco Carminati

    ELSP Global Application Specialist

About Smart Power

ABB’s Smart Power Division’s technologies enable buildings, factories, and transportation to make energy management smarter, renewables more productive and operations more resilient.

Active in 54 countries with 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide providing fast, responsive local support, our global team of 8,200 employees shares a passion for innovation, a belief in quality, and a promise to do business with us easy. Our intelligent solutions make power more competitive by improving the energy efficiency, productivity, and reliability of almost any operation. From cloud-based energy management to predictive maintenance, innovations from ABB Smart Power equip utilities, industries, transport, and infrastructure for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our product portfolio provides the latest and most advanced technologies in power conditioning, low-voltage circuit breakers, switches, motor protection and control, and safety products.

Introduction to the Smart Power challenge

ABB Electrification Startup Challenge 2023



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