The Terra AC wallbox is the superior EV home charger for any home, business or location, delivering peace of mind when it comes to quality, safety and value. Designed to suit all EV models, ABB’s Terra AC wallbox can be easily installed, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is charged efficiently, all in the comfort of your home.

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  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Electric vehicles are cheaper to run and maintain than petrol cars. EV owners can use their ABB charger to fill up their vehicles using grid electricity, potentially saving the average driver thousands on petrol costs per year.

  • Take advantage of government incentives

    “Clean car” policies are being rolled out to help households save thousands on the upfront cost of an electric vehicle. And the good news is that ABB’s chargers work with the ever-growing range of electric vehicles available.

  • Peace of mind

    It’s important to read the warranty fine print when buying any technology. ABB’s chargers meet global EV charging product specifications. ABB’s chargers are backed by a warranty guarantee of 24 months from installation. An extended warranty up to 5 years is available.

  • Advanced safety and protection

    Safety is a core principle of both ABB’s business and our EV chargers. Our chargers been evaluated and tested to the highest safety standards by independent, third-party safety certification organisations.

  • Value, quality & flexibility

    Our home charger is the best value charger on the market. With connectivity and smart functionality, ABB’s EV chargers deliver convenient home charging that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.

  • A safe, smart & carbon neutral future

    Join the carbon neutral revolution! ABB is thinking about the future and we’d love you to join our mission of Mission to Zero – a carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient ecosystem for industry, homes and cities.


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