ABB offers complete, integrated and flexible solutions for hospitals, nursing or retirement homes and clinics, aiming at ensuring safe and reliable operations, system uptime and to meet capacity demand. Full system visibility and actionable insights will help you minimise cost and risk and maximise performance and safety across your operations.

The central nervous system for the most resilient hospitals

Modern medical facilities are some of the most complex buildings ever developed. It is important to consider your hospital or clinic as a single, integrated power network. Read this paper to reduce compliance risk, decrease operating costs and unlock the enormous potential of your healthcare facility with safe, smart, and sustainable electrification solutions.


H+line: Practical guide for patient areas in medical locations

Hospitals and medical centres are complex buildings. Operational continuity and energy management are of central importance for the reliable and efficient hospital operation. Power outages are not only a nuisance, they can also be life-threatening. Read this guide to find out how to choose and implement the correct electrical systems inside group 2 medical locations, according to AS/NZS 3003 requirements..


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