Our emergency lighting concept is clear and simple. ABB offers you reliable total solutions for safe evacuation. The way in which we do this is what makes the difference. ABB offers advantages to everybody involved in the building project life cycle.


Our range contains: lighting, emergency lighting, AC and DC central battery systems, explosion proof lighting, photo-electronics, and advanced monitoring safety systems.

Our solutions provide:
•    Low total cost of installation
•    Low total cost of inspection & maintenance
•    Low energy consumption through LED technology
•    Safety & continuous operation
•    Harmony with building interiors
•    Harsh & demanding condition protection

From office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals to stadiums, factories and train stations, our emergency lighting provides 24-7 protection to you, your visitors, and employees. By closely working together with consultants, architects, wholesalers, installers throughout the project life cycle – from Design (1), Installation (2), Inspection & maintenance (3), Renovation (4). ABB solutions provide harmony with the interior and reduced total cost of ownership throughout the building life cycle.

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