Discover the ABB ESCo System Partner Program

ABB ESCo System Program is dedicated to Energy Service Companies (ESCos)Energy Consultants, and System Integrators.

With the program, we help you to discover new business opportunities and grow your business in the energy management area.

It is completely free and based on a partner light referral agreement that enables energy management experts to connect. The light agreement, which does not require either strong commitments or exclusivity, gives the possibility to be an independent influencer of ABB's offering. Now it is the time to speed up the digital transformation of our joint clients by using the power of ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager, software solutions, and digitally enabled products. 



Improve your business with the ABB ESCo System Program

  • Countless advantages

    Professional updates and industry-specific information on energy management.

    Offering preview, masterclasses, webinars, and events.

    You'll be guided by our dashboard, so you'll never get lost!

  • A network of professionals

    Exclusive access to an international community of professionals.

    Get support and share best practices through the analysis of specific case studies.

    A confidential environment with data protection as a priority.

  • International lead sharing

    Opportunities take time, and a committed team.

    Hit the road together to increase the business by leveraging a joint value proposition.

    Reach more end-users thanks to the additional opportunities coming from the ABB customer base.

The ESCo System Program is the way to Energize Your Business.

You’re just a few steps away from driving your business to the next level.

1. Registering own ABB account

2. Accepting the platform T&C

3. Compiling and uploading the downloadable agreement