Our new industrial plugs and sockets complements ABB’s strong low voltage offer. These plugs and sockets are part of Easy & Safe. Easy & Safe is a product range suitable for general use in most applications. In most installations, industrial plugs and sockets are part of the exterior, for that reason it was important to have an attractive design. The modern design and the strong ABB brand add value to each installation or OEM equipment.


NEW: Protect your contacts with new Easy & Safe IP67

The biggest addition in this series is the new designed products with IP67 ingress protection. IP67 is a protection class that guarantees water and dust tightness. Although water or dust rarely occurs in some applications, the liquids or dirt may get into the contacting surfaces during the products lifetime, which will affect the contacts performance. This in turn can lead to overheating, burnt contacts, and need of replacing plugs and sockets.

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