May 31, 2022 at 13-14 (CET)

The benefits of using Relion® REX610 in wind applications

We are thrilled to invite you to our free online webinar to learn about the newest member in our Relion® protection relay family REX610 and how this freely configurable basic range protection relay is a cost-effective choice for medium-voltage wind turbine applications.


1.  Portfolio of protection and control devices for wind power applications
2.  Introduction to REX610
-  A basic range relay with communication and remote asset management
-  Benefits of REX610 in wind power applications
3.  Questions & Answers



Martin Nykvist
Global Product Manager
ABB Distribution Solutions

Product manager for REX610 and 611 series protection relays. Worked for 22 years at ABB in different roles, mainly in product management, but also in marketing and training functions.

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