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Nowadays in our digital world, people are taking for granted the data storage space available. Data generated not only for social media, but for the ever growing demand for digitalized currencies such as bitcoin, smart buildings, and the interconnectivity of smart cities.

All of this leads to a greater demand not only in the number of data centers, but the size of data centers. As data centers need 100% up time it is vital that their power is uninterrupted, reliable and efficient. 

Discover how to make your Data Center smarter, fully connected and energy efficient with ABB solutions to increase the value of your investments.



Where is the data center construction and colocation market going?

What are the challenges of sub-distribution in particular?

What are the solutions in our portfolio suitable for Design Consultants, System Integrators and Electrical Planners?


We are waiting for you during the next live show to talk about it with Nico Ninov, Rami Karroum and our guest Paul Mongan.

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