Webinar: How Ultra Low Harmonic Solutions Benefit the Food and Beverage Industry

As food and beverage manufacturing becomes more automated, electrical equipment becomes increasingly prevalent on the plant floor. With electrical equipment comes harmonic distortion and other side effects caused by non-linear loads, such as VFDs.

The resulting downtime and quality issues decrease productivity and affect overall product output. To top it off, it wastes energy, which means there's an associated cost. In some areas, it can show up as power factor penalties on utility bills. In the short term, these issues can make life miserable. In the long term, it can shorten the life of equipment.

Find out how ABB’s four generations of knowledge and experience has yielded an industry leading solution that addresses these power quality issues while improving energy efficiency.




Presenter: Jim Neawedde  |  Segment Manager, Food & Beverage - Drives

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