The ROI of smart 

Comparing energy savings to the falling cost of installing a basic smart management system, smart buildings immediately prove their worth. If a smart system delivered an energy cost saving of 25 percent, with an installation cost of $37,500 annual savings could be $23,000 USD annually, with a payback period of less than two years. More effective and efficient use of power can save money, quickly repaying initial technology expenditure. HVAC and lighting alone can account for about 50 percent of energy use in an average commercial building.

By incorporating smart  automation, managers may see decreased energy costs by between 30% and 50%


For buildings of the future, today

Discover how your building can achieve greater energy efficiency, safety and security

  • Energy Management

    Beyond Connected

    The vast amount of data generated by buildings transform them into iterative learning loops. Sensors in a building track the use of assets and resources and can adapt to the changing consumption or activity patterns that take place. Any autonomous decision can be tracked in real time on a digital dashboard by managers who are able to intervene at any point.


  • Building Automation

    Smart Homes and Smart Buildings

    ABB wants to ensure that people feel at home in buildings, have a maximum sense of security and can work in a sustainably productive way. From the modern family home to the exclusive luxury hotel. Worldwide, from a single source. With products and services such as movement detectors, harmonious lighting, door communication, automated heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and shutter management, ABB offers a range of possibilities to put building control firmly into your hands.

  • Energy Distribution

    Compliant, safe and efficient solutions

    We take high-voltage energy from the source of generation and transmit it instantly to the business or home where it will be used. Moreover, we connect devices together -like for DIN Rail components- to provide the highest standard of energy efficiency compliance, as well as a reduction up to 20 percent on energy bills in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Smart Buildings in Smart Cities

Mission to Zero

Roof space given to photovoltaic arrays can generate power that is stored in batteries in the building.
Excess power can in some cases can be sold back to the grid, making the building energy positive and creating an additional revenue stream for building owners.

This is not an idea. At our flagship Busch-Jaeger subsidiary in Luedenscheid, Germany, we have proven it.

Featuring a solar power plant which will deliver around 1100 MWh of climate-neutral solar power a year, the installed ABB technology, which includes ABB’s scalable energy management system OPTIMAX® at its heart, will generate enough power to cover on sunny days 100 percent of the factories` power requirements. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 630 tons per year.

ABB’s Mission to Zero is a carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient ecosystem for industry, homes and cities.