Are you ready to automate?

Our collaborative robots are made for a huge range of tasks, in operations of every size. They’re easy to set up, program, operate, and scale. Built by industry-leading experts and serviced by the broadest service network in the industry. Whatever you need, we’re here to support every step of your automation journey.

WEBINAR: Connecting to Cobots, Grippers Special

Whether you need to understand how grippers can help manufacturers automate key processes, such as inspection, assembly, pick and place and machine tending or how you can save on power and maintenance through the use of grippers, access the webinar recording below and have all your questions answered.

Meet the new ABB cobot families

Easy to start, easy to learn and easy to scale

  • Inherently safe, incredibly agile - Meet YuMi®

    Meet your robotic co-worker for small parts assembly. YuMi sets new standards in for loads of up to 0.5kg. Safe, quick, and flexible, it will make your operations more productive.

  • Go far with your new helping hand - Meet GoFa™

    Go faster. Go further than ever. GoFa’s class-leading speed, safety, and ease of use will take your business to the next level. Designed for loads up to 5kg.

  • Unleash the speedy cobot - Meet SWIFTI™

    A lightning-fast cobot that combines industrial-level performance and innovative safety. SWIFTI gets the job done faster and more accurately than you can imagine.