ABB Energy Insights Survey Report 2023

Research reveals energy concerns impacting business competitiveness, the workforce and decarbonization

Our survey of 2,300 leaders of large and small businesses reveals today’s energy costs and security challenges are posing a threat to, and having real impacts on, businesses. The key impact themes highlighted are business competitiveness, investment in the workforce and delayed decarbonization plans. Businesses are being forced to rethink how they operate and where they invest, both now and in the coming years.


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The report highlights the key impacts of these energy costs and security challenges on businesses, and shares some recommendations for companies to mitigate these impacts.

In this video Morten Wierod, President of ABB Electrification discusses the feedback from the survey and how these impacts can be mitigated through technology.

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Much of the technology that can help businesses - large or small - to optimize their energy management and reduce costs, is already widely available and at a reasonable cost.

Case study

Smart building technology reduced energy costs by 20 percent for telecoms HQ in Hanoi.

Case study

Using technology upgrades and digitalization strategies, teams from across ABB have delivered a 25% reduction in carbon emissions at a manufacturing site in Dalmine, Italy.

Sustainability at ABB Electrification

ABB Electrification and our partners can be a go to technology leader for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, to support them with the advice and readily available technology to optimize their energy management and reduce the impacts on their businesses.


Businesses can also join the ABB - Energy Efficiency Movement - a global forum of over 300 organisations sharing ideas and solutions that can help industry lower costs, mitigate energy challenges and accelerate climate action.


Read the industrial energy efficiency playbook and discover the 10 actions companies can take right now to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions