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Proven sustainability, reliability and safety solutions for the aquaculture industry

ABB’s advanced solutions will enhance your operations at every stage of the aquaculture value chain, from farm to fork. Our domain expertise, energy efficient motors, drives and PLC technologies help farmers, food processors and logistics companies like yours boost productivity through precision control of rotating equipment, meaning safer and more efficient production of finished goods. 

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A rapidly evolving market

Aquaculture market production continues to grow rapidly. The industry landscape is changing at pace, but innovation and collaboration between fish and shellfish operators and technology providers like ABB can tackle the technical challenges involved in farming fish and seafood, mitigating and improving on the industry’s famously tight margins. 

ABB offers a suite of solutions which will deliver measurable benefits to businesses working across this evolving industry, helping them to tackle issues safely, sustainably, and reliably. 

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Precision processing 

With seafood that can take up to three years to reach maturity, it is vital wastage is minimised so profit can be maximised. Energy efficient processing and storage in optimal conditions is crucial. If its not processed quickly, kept at the right temperature and stored correctly, then seafood can be easily ruined. 

ABB solutions meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated food processing facilities. From highly efficient motors and drives to advanced PLCs, ABB solutions help aquaculture processing facilities operate more efficiently, while using less energy. 

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Cooling solutions across the value chain

At every stage of the aquaculture value chain, cooling is vital to ensure the end product is safe for consumption. Chillers and compressors must be reliable and downtime can prove costly if it compromises food quality and safety. ABBs drives, PLCs and motors help keep seafood reliably cool throughout the value chain. 

Download the Aquaculture Solutions Guide

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