Moving your dairy business from farm to fork. Sustainably. Reliably. Safely.

Proven sustainability, reliability and safety solutions for the dairy industry

ABB provides application-based solutions at every stage across the dairy value chain, from grass to glass. Our domain expertise, energy efficient motors, drives and PLC technologies can help dairy production, processing cooling and logistics facilities boost productivity through precision control of rotating equipment.

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Find out how your applications could be operating more efficiently, reliably and safely

Ensuring maximum profitability for dairy farmers

ABB offers a suite of solutions that can deliver vast benefits for both small and large dairy operations, as well as the equipment manufacturers that supply them. ABB understands the applications and issues that matter, and can help them tackle sustainability, reliability and safety challenges in a rapidly changing market.

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Ensuring reliable, efficient and hygienic dairy processing

At every stage of dairy processing, cooling is essential to ensure that the end product is safe to consume, pleasing to the customer, and profitable for the supplier. ABB products are designed to meet the needs of the increasingly sophisticated modern industrial dairy processing facility and application, ensuring maximum efficiency and resilience.

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Improving the energy efficiency and cooling in storage and logistics 

Logistics operations for dairy products differ across the world. Companies need to be able to trust in the quality of their components to ensure maximum uptime and reduced maintenance call-outs. ABB offers a wide range of motion solutions designed to address the needs of cold chain logistics operators, from high efficiency motors to digital remote monitoring services.

Download the Dairy solutions guide