Watch On Demand: Data Center Sustainability Webinar Series

Data center companies are leading the way in sustainability goals and reducing their impact on the environment dramatically. This webinar series discusses sustainability trends and metrics and provide an understanding of innovative technologies that support reliable and scalable data center operations, while helping to lower energy footprints. Watch them now on demand!


Webinar Topics

Critical power: back to the basics

Live date: April 22, 2020

To design a sustainable data center, let’s start with the basics. We’ll cover the major building blocks of the electrical infrastructure, and how the evolution of common topologies has improved the overall sustainability of the system. Learn how to address the most common challenges threatening the availability of a critical power system.  


Data center technologies for scalable and sustainable design 

Live date: May 6, 2020

With demand for data centers growing at an unprecedented rate, data center operators are under pressures to keep up with demand in a timely, but environmentally responsible way. This webinar will highlight technologies you can leverage to lower your footprint, like the industry's most efficient UPS system and eco-efficient Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).  


Are microgrids the future for truly carbon neutral data center operations? 

Live date: May 20, 2020

Most data center companies have carbon neutral missions and have been deploying initiatives to lower their carbon footprint for years. Many are matching their energy usage with renewable PPA’s, others are focusing on innovative cooling strategies, but are microgrids the answer to truly carbon neutral data center operations? Microgrids enable integration of multiple sources of power, from utility power and gensets to on site renewables and fuel cell technology. On top of providing secure and stable power, microgrids can generate new revenues by allowing data center owners to participate in the energy market. This panel discussion will feature experts in the theory of microgrid technology and system design principles to explore the benefits of a data center as a microgrid.  


Digital Data Center Operations (DDO) makes data centers more sustainable   

Live date: June 3,  2020

You can’t truly optimize the efficiency of your data center without a holistic view of the system. Digital Data Center Operations (DDO) and Data Center Automation (DCA) enable you to identify inefficient power consumption, monitor and optimize water usage, and manage reporting to track progress and compliance. 


Rethink your service strategy to meet your data center sustainability goals 

Live date: June 17, 2020

As data centers change their business models to match their strong sustainability goals, rethinking service strategies could help achieve them. This webinar will explore service best practices that deliver continuity of service, while reducing waste during unnecessary maintenance, optimizing efficiency through upgrades and much more.  

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