Enhancing students' learning and training opportunities

A concerted approach to education and training is needed to fully embrace the continuing innovation and opportunities being created by today's rapidly developing automation technology. The development of smart technologies such as robots, are playing an increasingly vital role in helping manufacturers enhance their productivity and boost their competitiveness. 

ABB want to help support these opportunities by preparing the future workforce, to help equip the engineers of tomorrow with the skills needed to start their automation journey today. 

Our educational robotic packages provide valuable opportunities for both students and teachers, offering affordable means of teaching modern manufacturing concepts to encourage more students to move into the engineering and manufacturing sectors. 

Based around our smallest industrial and collaborative robot families, the packages enable students to increase their awareness and expand their understanding of the principles and operation of industrial robots used in modern manufacturing applications. These packages also come with complimentary licenses to ABB’s RobotStudio™ software, our powerful off-line PC programming software that offers full programming capablities and system simulation.

Utilizing the same technology used throughout industry, ABB's offering gives students hands-on experience and an opportunity to learn the skills needed for effective management of modern robotics manufacturing systems.

The Packages:

Standard industrial robot and controller with educational software and RobotStudio package.

Above package with optional hardware and software options.

Simple, multi-purpose robot cells
UK engineered robot cells with emphasis on functionality. Basic to mid level complexity.

Automation Cells
Higher complexity cells.

Bespoke Cells
User specification cells can be created on request. These will be aimed at research lead environments where a specific application is being developed.

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