Virtual Expert Day: Energy and Insights for the Data Centers of Tomorrow

In the dynamic, fast-paced data center industry, a passion for change is essential. This data center workshop will discuss new challenges and innovative design and technology strategies to address speed and scalability demands of the data centers of tomorrow.

Live Date: October 20, 2020



Smart Automation: Learning from other industries

Speakers: Rich Ungar, Data Center Automation, ABB and Kevin Starr, US Service Business Driver, ABB

Data Centers have been called the ‘Factories of the Future’, yet there have been few attempts to dive into the possibilities of this statement.  Is the ‘industrial data center’ just a catchy phrase or are there real synergies that can be exploited between what data centers do and what is done in ‘industry’? What are the technologies that have been shared, or should be shared, between data centers (or mission critical) and industry?


By the Numbers: How T-Mobile is Driving Data Center Power Density with a Direct Distribution Power Architecture

Speakers: Don Doyle, Critical Facilities MTS (Member of Technical Staff), T-Mobile​ and Paul Smith, Senior Applications Engineer, ABB

Are traditional data center protection architectures up to the power density and capacity challenges needed to scale for rapidly growing high-density computing, AI and 5G? Learn how T-Mobile is shifting some of its data center power platforms from UPS and centralized DC power to newer cabinet-level “direct distribution” power systems enabling efficient scalability and reliability while reducing electrical distribution and protection CapEx by up to 25 percent.


Standardized and optimized system architectures for data center power distribution

Speakers: Aleksandar Grbic, Global Industry Application Specialist, ABB and Harry Handlin, Director of Data Center Solutions Architecture, ABB

Growing demand for new data centers requires fast project realization, while keeping the maximum energy efficiency and reliability. This session will discuss common data center designs, how data center designers balance reliability and cost through the use of different electrical topologies, and ABB's unique solutions designed to maximize energy savings and continuity of service. We will deep dive into an example of system architecture built to maximize the reliability and scalability of modular edge connected data centers. ABB’s first reference architecture offers unique design solutions tailored to support designing, building, integration, and realization of power distribution and monitoring systems for a small data center. 


Technologies that are built for scalability to grow with your business

Speakers: Diana Garcia, Global Product Manager, Mid – High power UPS, ABB and Nico Ninov, Data Centers Marketing Manager, ABB

Prepare for the next phase of your data center while you’re designing this phase. When using a ‘pay as you grow’ building strategy there are many design considerations and scalable technologies that can be used to minimize the cost of subsequent blocks and the disruption to operations. This session will highlight state-of-the art technologies that were built to scale with your business and set you on the path for fast and cost-efficient growth, whether you’re expanding in half MW or 5 MW blocks. 


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