Just 3 steps...  

ABB has devised a simple and methodical automation appraisal process that rapidly identifies the potential, or otherwise, for using robot-based automation.

The appraisal is FREE of charge; and results in an summary that shows the financial benefits.

For some production lines there is minimal benefit in robots. If this is the case, the automation appraisal will say so.

Pre-appraisal assessment
Help ABB determine how robot-based automation can improve your productivity and efficiency by filling in the pre-appraisal assessment form. Once you’ve submitted your details, we’ll be in touch to arrange your FREE automation appraisal which can be initially held virtually if necessary / and or a visit to your site can be arranged.

Tasks that require consistent accuracy, quality and improved precision.


    Once you have completed the self-assessment form on this page, ABB will arrange a site visit to discuss the opportunities for automation at your plant. After speaking with your finance and operational site managers, a short site visit will commence, enabling us to identify the applications that could benefit from automation.

    During the appraisal, we will ask you:

    −  How many production lines are in use?
    −  How many processes are currently undertaken?
    −  How many employees do you have?
    −  What are the shift patterns used at the plant?
    −  What are the main products produced/variants?
    −  What are your production costs?  

    You will also be asked to identify any known problem or priority areas you would like to automate. For example, high risk applications, including work in dusty, hot or hazardous environments or applications.


    Following the automation appraisal site visit ABB will analyse all of the data collected to identify the areas that could most benefit from robot-based automation.

    During this stage, an action plan is prepared highlighting areas for potential savings through increased throughputs, reduced costs and a guide to possible payback periods along with other key facts and analysis.



    To complete the automation appraisal, ABB will present the findings of the automation appraisal highlighting the application areas that have the potential to yield the greatest savings.  Recommendations will be made by ABB on the next steps, including where appropriate, identifying the most suitable partners to engage with to develop costed solutions for full operational and financial consideration.

    At this stage return on investment (ROI) calculations can be made to support the investment justification.


Customer Highlight

Boyce Technologies designs and produces FDA-approved ventilators in 30 days

“I knew if we were going to mass produce thousands of something quickly, we really had to rely on robots - and we always reach for ABB when we need robots,” said Charles Boyce, president and founder of Boyce Technologies.

Boyce Technologies, a Long Island-based company, partnered with Boston businesses NewLab and 10XBeta to support neighboring New York City in a big way. With the assistance of ABB Robots, they are now the only non-medical manufacturing facility to produce an FDA-approved bridge ventilator – and go to mass production.

What normally takes a year, was made possible in just 30 days by Charles Boyce and his team. Click below to learn how Boyce Technologies adapted to support NYC hospitals in a time of crisis.