Smarter photovoltaic:
ABB solutions and products to enhance power collection and remote monitoring

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Jun 8, 2021 9:00:00

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                                   and June 8, 2021 16:00:00

As the solar photovoltaic industry continues to claim an increasingly important share of the energy mix, the balance of system component technology is continuously evolving to help lower the cost of energy production and increase efficiency.
This presents new challenges and opportunitites, such as remote energy monitoring: giving installers, OEMs and other market stakeholders a clear picture of such opportunities is the main goal of the webinar "Smarter photovoltaic: ABB solutions and products to enhance power collection and remote monitoring".

In this webinar:
- we will explore existing and future ABB solutions and products to collect power from solar string inverters, with a specific focus on 800V AC technology;
- you will learn about ABB solutions for Low and Medium Voltage grid connection;
- the focus will be on the architecture and the advantages of remote monitoring using the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager web platform applied to a string inverter photovoltaic plant.

The main topics of the webinar:
- why string inverters in utility-scale photovoltaic plants?
- typical architecture of photovoltaic plants based on string inverters;
- ABB solutions and products from string inverter protection up to MV grid connection;
- architecture and benefits of remote monitoring using ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager;
- ABB Business opportunities in different market channels;
- Q&A: we answer your questions


For additional information, visit the ABB "Low-voltage solutions for solar power" webpage.

Our Webinar Speakers

Alessandro Iubini
Global Segment Manager for Renewables, ESS and Rail
Electrification Business Area
Smart Power Division

Business development, product management and product marketing expert. My professional career evolved around machine automation, electric distribution, renewable energy, energy monitoring, and now digital business.
Contact me:

Luis Andres Arismendi
Global Segment Manager for Renewables, ESS, Rail and Marine
Electrification Business Area
Smart Building Division

Electronic engineer with expertise in the areas of R&D, product management, maintenance and marketing. Count on my support for solar, wind, railway and EV charger opportunities.
Contact me:

Anatol Przytulski
Global Segment Manager for Renewables, Mining and Marine
Electrification Business Area
Distribution Solutions Division

Business Development Specialist and Segment expert for renewable energy. Specific business focus on solutions for the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the grid.
Contact me:

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