Are you ready for next generation power protection?

As one of the market leader in UPS technology, ABB has launched an industry-first MV UPS that provides a continuous and reliable power supply of up to 24 kV for data centers and other mission critical facilities to protect servers and mechanical loads, whilst reducing downtime.

HiPerGuard supports sustainability with the highest levels of efficiency available on the market, at 98 percent – translating to a potential carbon emission reduction of 1,245 tons over a typical 15-year lifespan.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • How ABB can solve the power quality challenges that many modern data centers and critical industries are facing.
  • Why operating at a medium voltage level can be beneficial, as well as the technical information around ABB's latest solution in power protection.
  • How ABB's HiPerGuard can support sustainability goals.



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