Go beyond connected!

Safe, smart and sustainable solutions for sub distribution

Make your sub-distribution system smart and fully connected: our video tutorials will guide you through!

Are you ready to go Beyond connected?

Our YouTube video playlist aims to provide quicker and easier first level of support for installers and panel builders.

It will guide during the installation process of new and pre-existing electrical systems in any size of commercial or industrial buildings.

Available at your finger tips to:
Understand key product features
Get quick first level of support
Speed up and simplify installation and commissioning

Whether it’s setting up the connection to the cloud, the mounting of the sensors or creating automations in the InSite webserver, our how-to videos cover that and much more.

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Beyond connected, with simple and intuitive commissioning

Easy to install
thanks to the modular system and connection of devices without additional tools and in just a few steps

Fast configuration
with automatic device recognition and transfer of similar configurations between one another

Retrofit existing installations within one day
thanks to the quick assembly and a connection to the cloud in only 10 minutes, limiting downtime while implementing the new solution

Discover our Beyond connected solution