ABB Grease Manufacturing Units

Meet efficiency and productivity challenges with leading-edge technologies!

With over 60 years of experience in blending and formulation projects all over the world, Cellier Activity of ABB France designs cost-efficient and sustainable manufacturing units, supplies innovative and automated process technologies, supervises start-up and offers lifecycle management services.

ABB grease manufacturing units are customized to meet your needs and enable production performance optimization. They are fully automated, greener and safer.

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Customer Highlights

  • High-yield saponification reactor

    - Designed for all types of grease:
       lithium, calcium, complex, etc.
    - Fine temperature regulation
    - Optimized production cycle
    - Maximal process safety
    - Low and easy maintenance

  • In-house process solutions

    - Accurate raw materials feeding
    Finishing kettles
    - Deaerating system

    - Grease in-line filter
    - Drum Decanting System
    - Transfer pigged lines
    - Integration of filling lines

  • Modular units

    - State-of-the-art process equipment
    - Skid units​ for easy installation
    - Workshop pre-tests
    - Shortened start-up schedule
    - Evolutive manufacturing capacity

  • Greacel™ Control System 

    Manufacturing Execution System providing for:
    - Increased production safety
    - Process repeatability
    - Product quality and traceability
    - Formulae and recipe management
    - Optimized uptime and resources
    - Reports and analytics