The complete solution is here!​
Push-in Spring motor starting solution​

Meet the all-in-1 Push-in Spring motor starting solution. Now available with new connectors and busbars for faster installation, easier wiring and reliable performance. ​

Save up to 50% wiring time with Push-in Spring compared to conventional spring solutions. And the connections are just as reliable. So for speed, ease and reliability, just push it.​

First complete motor starting solution with Push-in Spring terminals on the market

New connecting links for direct-on-line, reversing and star-delta motor starters with Push-in Spring terminals.

  • Faster than ever installation

    • 2-in-1 connection 
    • Smart accessories 
    • Complete solution
  • Easier than ever wiring

    • Intuitive wiring
    • Just one screwdriver required
    • Automated wiring possible
  • Reliable as ever connections

    • Robust by design
    • Vibration-proof
    • No need to re-tighten 

Push things forward

High connection capacities are optimized for motor starting solutions up to 18.5 kW 400 V AC-3 and 50 A AC-1 (25 hp 480 V and 45 A general use). This includes short-circuit fuseless protection up to 100 kA. Push-in Spring accessories can be also mounted on the standard screw range of manual motor starters and contactors.

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