ABB Ability™ Efficiency AI

Efficiency AI, powered by BrainBox AI, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively optimize the HVAC system in buildings in order to achieve remarkable cost savings, reduce carbon emissions and increase tenant comfort. 

The AI solution gives building owners and operators real-time data and autonomous technology that help reduce building carbon footprints, supporting net zero and cost reduction goals.

Features and Benefits


  • Features

    • Connects directly to a building’s HVAC system and utilizes data to optimize HVAC control.
    • Transforms HVAC systems from reactive to preemptive by making decisions based on advanced deep learning models.
    • Autonomously drives a building’s HVAC system, no human interaction required.
  • Benefits

    • Up to 40% decrease in carbon footprint
    • Up to 25% reduction in HVAC energy cost
    • 24 / 7 Monitoring
    • Control System Agnostic
    • No sensor deployment required

Take the first step to a smart building.

Upgrade your existing HVAC equipment with our autonomous AI solution to significantly reduce asset and equipment runtime, and deliver energy savings.