Wherever the essentials of life are in motion, energy is used. From food to water to clothing and even toilet paper, everything we need is manufactured, processed and delivered. All of this uses energy, and all of it causes CO2 emissions. However, wherever energy is used, energy can also be saved. In fact, improving energy efficiency is the most effective way to cut CO2 emissions. At ABB, we aim to keep the world turning, while saving energy every day. It’s a simple and realistic goal that we can achieve together.

Energy Efficiency Playbook

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There are no less than 8 billion electric motors in operation worldwide. They are the silent force behind pumps, fans, compressors and many other applications that are indispensable for our daily lives. ABB supplies electric motors and drives that are extremely energy efficient. Drives that not only have a lesser impact on the environment, but also provide tangible cost savings. Work with us on energy efficiency and save energy and costs.

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