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About Unstoppable

Welcome to Unstoppable - a campaign that harnesses the power of diversity to drive progress.

We're committed to highlighting the inspiring stories of individuals from all walks of life who have been
unstoppable in breaking down barriers and making significant contributions in their respective fields.

Join us as we champion the power of diversity and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.


ZhiRong Zhang

Discover the enriching experience of living in Southeast Asia's melting pot of cultures through Zhirong Zhang's inspiring interview. As an Electrical Engineering Manager for the Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia Region for Process Industries division in ABB, she shares how embracing cultural differences has turned her team into an unstoppable force.

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Giovanna Mamani

Meet Giovanna Mamani, Service Sales Support Manager for Process Industries division at ABB in Peru. Her career at ABB started 13 years ago when she joined as an intern. Today, Giovanna leads a team of engineers from different generations. In her current role, she is responsible for providing technical and commercial solutions to large-scale mining companies.

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Karin Lindgren

Meet Karin Lindgren, Global Technology Manager for hoisting at ABB, with an Unstoppable drive to overcome challenges and find new, better ways to do things. Together with her colleagues within R&D, Karin is driving the development of ABB’s mine hoist technology and paving the way for future generations dedicated to contribute to the decarbonization of the mining industry.

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Valeria Frades

Meet Valeria Frades, ABB Engineering Manager in Chile. Her story is a testament to the outstanding contributions of women in STEM, and it reinforces our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where talent knows no bounds. Together, we forge ahead, empowering and inspiring the next generation of leaders to embrace their limitless possibilities.



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Marjorie Boles

Meet Marjorie Boles, Chief Information Officer at Sappi and a true trailblazer in the global pulp and paper industry. Based in the United States, Marjorie is a visionary leader who has transformed her company through her unwavering passion for digitalization.

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Chithra Sharma

Meet Chithra Sharma, Chief Commercial, Engineering and Projects for Capital Procurement at Tata Steel, a global leader in the metals industry based in India. As a pioneering leader, Chithra continues to challenge the status quo and pushed boundaries to drive growth and competitiveness in her industry.

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Tove Thelin Täckdal

Meet Tove, the Concentrating Plant Manager at Copperstone Resources, a mining company at the forefront of sustainability and innovation in Sweden. As a trailblazer in the mining industry, Tove has dedicated her career to promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change in the sector.

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