Beyond Connected

Digitalization makes a positive contribution to societies, affecting the way we live, socialize, work, and grow. At ABB, we are committed to address world’s energy challenges by developing and providing innovative solutions which help improve the safety, productivity, operation, and sustainability of the energy distribution. Using safe, smart, and sustainable solutions for sub-distribution that go beyond connectivity, eases your project’s development, helping you reach energy efficiency targets.

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Safe, smart & sustainable solutions for sub distribution

  • Beyond Connected microsite

    Digitalization is changing the world of energy distribution – making it safer, smarter and more sustainable. ABB’s solutions for sub distribution protect, monitor, measure and eventually make your installation smart and fully connected.

  • System pro M compact® InSite

    System pro M compact® InSite has been specifically developed to meet requirements of energy and asset management by monitoring and controlling the energy flow in sub distribution boards.

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