The ACS580MV cabinet-built drive provides an easy way to boost efficiency and cut emissions.

Commonly used features are built-in, making it straight forward to order, commission and use.

The ACS580MV can be simply integrated into new or retrofitted into existing applications.

The drives' voltage range has been extended, and now they cover motors with rated voltage from 3.3 kV to 11 kV

To gain even more flexibility, we have also extended the input voltage range and now the drives can be supplied from 3.3 kV to 13.8 kV grids.

The wide power and voltage range of ACS580MV drives together with all the essential features built-in as standard makes it a perfect choice for variable torque, general purpose applications in many industries.

ACS580MV medium voltage drive cabinet

Reasons why ACS580MV is the perfect match for your application:

Simple to select and order

  • All essential features built-in for simple drive selection and order.

Easy commissioningEasy to commission and use

  • Control panel’s assistants help to set up the drive quickly and effectively.
  • Multilingual control panel with clear display.

Optimized energy efficiency

  • Energy consumption monitoring.
  • Energy optimizer function for further energy savings.

High reliability and availability

  • Robust design with coated circuit boards and up to IP42 enclosure class for harsh conditions.
  • Advanced features for analyzing and resolving issues.
  • Bypass options.

Simple design and system integration

  • Integrated transformer.
  • Front access for easy maintenance.
  • Unique ABB Ability™ digital advantage through data collection and analytics​.

ACS580MV typical industries


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